Winnie Man
winnie man
Winnie Man is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong who has overseas performing, choreographing and teaching experience. She was a teacher in Jazz and Hip Hop in Caramell Dance Studio and Dance Central, Sydney. There, Winnie Man also choreographed and performed with The University of Sydney, Caramell Dance teachers and her crew Friends Junction in big events, such as Industry 2009 and Just Dance 2009. During her intensive dance training in Sydney, Winnie had the privilege to interact and even perform with some of the finalists in Australia SYTYCD. In Hong Kong, Winnie Man is the chief director, choreographer and performer in Friends Junction Dance Company; has rich experience choreographering for and performing in countless shows, including big brands NIKE, CASIO, One2Free and artists BLUSH and Joyce Cheng. She was honoured to be one of the adjudicators of Korea Festival - Cover Dance Competition 2015, FJDC Cover Dance Competition 2014, and Belilios Public School Dance Contest 2014. Winnie is a persistent learner and earned a certificate of Education from Havard University in 2021. Demo video
Kenny Ng
winnie man
Kenny is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong who has overseas performing, choreographing and teaching experience. Kenny's footsteps have spread around the world - Los Angeles, Sydney, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. In Sydney, he was a regular Hip Hop teacher in Caramell Dance Studio and Dance Central. Kenny interacted with top dancers from all over the world, performed in big events, such as Urban Music Awards 2007, 360 Freestyle Battle, Industry 2009 and Just Dance 2009 in Sydney, Australia. In Hong Kong, Kenny has rich experience in choreographing and performing in countless shows, including Minzy "Ninano" Flashmob in Hong Kong, Opening Stage in Minzy x Myteen Joint concert in Hong Kong 2017, KPOP Flash Mob performance promoting Pyeongchang Olympic Games 2018, KPOP Concert (2014, 2015, 2016), Hang Seng Bank (2016, 2017), Asian Hairstyling & Make-up Competition (2015), ATV Chinese New Year Show (2015), Hong Kong Cheering Union Asia Pacific Challenge (2014), Korea Tourism Organization (2013), AIA Insurance (2013), Hong Kong Dance Festival (2010), Solar Project Macau (2010), Fortis Annual Dinner (2009), and Urban Dance Festival (2009). He also has rich experience in working with artists including Minzy (2NE1), Crystal Fung Ying Ying, Grace Wong Kwan-Hing, Blush, Aaron Kwok, CoCo Li, Adam Cheng, Joey Yung, HOCC, Sherman Chung,Venus Cheung and Blossom Chan. Moreover, Kenny has been training artists and pre-artists for Korean, Hong Kong and Chinese entertainment companies.
Lenna從小學學習中國舞,中學更有接觸東方舞和西方舞,在校際舞蹈節獲得多項殊榮,包括全場總冠軍。 2016年,曾與香港舞蹈團合作,於國際青年舞蹈節,代表香港到澳門與各國的舞蹈團體交流演出。2017-18 於FJDC接受訓練, Lenna現就讀於香港中文大學, 曾參與大專院校的表演, 如 Joint U Mass Dance等。此外,亦有參與編舞和教舞工作,如香港中文大學逸夫書院迎新營2018晚會表演。
winnie man
Graduated from FJDC Training Program. Trained in Korea Entertainment Company in 2018. Fascinated in Hip Hop/Jazz Funk/KPOP / Urabn and Chinese Dance. Vice President when studied in Secondary School, assisted School in winning Championship for 4 times. Being patient and experience in teaching, her students improved a lot.
Leader of Friends Junction Girls Team. Experience in KPOP, graduated from Friends Junction Dance Training Program. Being patient, encouraging and caring, Kids and Junior students like her a lot. She also joined many performances and competitions with our team. You can see her dance performance and interview here. Demo video
Mitsumi, she is from Japan. She has ben teaching in Tokyo and Melbourne for more than 5 years.She is most experience teaching street jazz, and being caring, many kids and teenagers love her classes.
winnie man
Kathy practised dancing since 3 years old, including ballet, jazz, street dance, and Kpop. She completed training program in FJDC. Currently teaching Kpop and choreography at our centres and production company. Demo video
winnie man
winnie man
Experience in dancing Kpop and street dance. She also participated in difference performance and competitions. Experienced and patient in teaching dancing.
Member of Kpop dance crew in Hong Kong. She started to learn dancing at the age of 6 and have more than 2 years of experience dancing to Kpop choreographies. Being a member of a kpop cover crew, she have participated in various shows and competitions like KCDF, end of year Kpop night and busking. She have also taught kids and adult Kpop in various dance studios and interest classes. Demo video
winnie man
Vivo has years of experience dancing Kpop , completed a training program in FJDC, has been exposed to dance styles such as Kpop, jazz funk and hip hop, is passionate and patient when it comes to teaching. Demo video
winnie man
Graduated from training program in FJDC. He has been participated in different performances and is experienced in teaching K-pop. Being patient and fun during lesson and you will enjoy his interesting lessons. Demo video
winnie man
Kiudy, had started performing at a young age, with experience of dancing, singing and acting. Exposed to different performance opportunity, she was awarded with different prizes including Best Performer in HK Drama Fest and Solo Champion in HK Solo Dance Competition. Has great passion in K-pop, thus was further committed to K-pop dance style and singing and completed an Artist Training Programme in FJDC. Demo video
winnie man
Vocal training background - Studied with renowned Italian soprano Isabel Gentile and baritone Roberto Abbondanza since the age of 14. - Participated the vocal master class of 2008, 2010 and 2011 in Italy under their tutorship and performed in various cities in Italy - Studied Musica Vocale da Camera (Vocal Chamber Music) in Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali G.Briccialdi di Terni (G. Briccialdi Higher Institue of Musical Study) and obtained Master degree in March 2015, under the tutorship of Roberto Abbondanza - Participated in the Jockey Club Opera Hong Kong Young Artist Programme and Studied with renowned bass Mr. Gong Dongjian
winnie man
Christina, graduated in our school training program with scholarship, with her cheerful, charming and influential smile。 With more than 7 years training in KPOP, she can easily get along with her students, motivate their passion and enjoyment in her dance classes Demo video
winnie man
Shine 現為全職舞蹈員,台上擔任舞蹈演出。曾合作藝人包括林俊傑,李克勤,容祖兒,衛蘭,Boyz,Shine,達明一派等,有豐富舞台經驗。 除此以外,亦有擔任舞蹈導師工作,為中小學生,社區中心,studio,私人會所等地方擔任導師及編排演出,舞種包括hiphop, urban dance, funky dance, kpop, choreography 等 Demo video
winnie man
Starting from childhood, Cherry practised various dance style, most fascinated in ballet and kpop. She completed training programme in FJDC and had experience in performing in Universities and showcases. Demo video
winnie man
Ichinose Kento 市之瀨研人 Kento is Japanese. He started teaching dancing since 2008 and has since performed in endless shows including Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2015, ATV 55th Aniversary, various Concerts and MVs. The most recent music video Kento has performed in are 沈震軒 - 單打獨鬥 and 沈震軒 - 親愛的. His favorite styles are Hip Hop, Break Dance and Street Jazz.
舞齡12年 擅長Poppin 中擅長Poppin中的Wave,Robot, animation等風格 常模仿身邊事物為舞蹈主題 以視覺效果見稱 Demo video
winnie man
Siu Ping
winnie man
於2006年開始接觸breaking至今。亦於協青社school of hiphop 任職多年,推廣街舞文化及擁有8年以上的教導舞蹈經驗。 Demo video
Kim Ran
Kim Ran is our Guest teacher from Korea, founder of Gorabbitz.
Shin is our Guest teacher from Korea, founder of Gorabbitz.
Melanie Louise
Rookie and Lindsay, Wawa Dance Academy
Rookie and Lindsay are the founder of WAWA Dance Academy in Seoul, Korea. They are our guest instructor teaching KPOP at our dance school.