Winnie Man
winnie man
Winnie Man is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong who has overseas performing, choreographing and teaching experience. She was a teacher in Jazz and Hip Hop in Caramell Dance Studio and Dance Central, Sydney. There, Winnie Man also choreographed and performed with The University of Sydney, Caramell Dance teachers and her crew Friends Junction in big events, such as Industry 2009 and Just Dance 2009. During her intensive dance training in Sydney, Winnie had the privilege to interact and even perform with some of the finalists in Australia SYTYCD. In Hong Kong, Winnie Man is the chief director, choreographer and performer in Friends Junction Dance Company; has rich experience choreographering for and performing in countless shows, including big brands NIKE, CASIO, One2Free and artists BLUSH. Winnie has started widening her scope of dancing to the field of Ballet, and attained Royal Academy of Dance Grade 5 Gold Medal Award and Intermediate Foundation (Merit) after just 2 years of learning Ballet. Recently, Winnie was honoured to be one of the adjudicators of Korea Festival - Cover Dance Competition 2015, FJDC Cover Dance Competition 2014, and Belilios Public School Dance Contest 2014.
Kenny Ng
winnie man
Kenny is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong who has overseas performing, choreographing and teaching experience. Kenny's footsteps have spread around the world - Los Angeles, Sydney, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. In Sydney, he was a regular Hip Hop teacher in Caramell Dance Studio and Dance Central. Kenny interacted with top dancers from all over the world, performed in big events, such as Urban Music Awards 2007, 360 Freestyle Battle, Industry 2009 and Just Dance 2009 in Sydney, Australia. In Hong Kong, Kenny has rich experience in choreographing and performing in countless shows, including KPOP Concert (2014, 2015, 2016), Asian Hairstyling & Make-up Competition (2015), ATV Chinese New Year Show (2015), Hong Kong Cheering Union Asia Pacific Challenge (2014), Korea Tourism Organization (2013), AIA Insurance (2013), Hong Kong Dance Festival (2010), Solar Project Macau (2010), Fortis Annual Dinner (2009), and Urban Dance Festival (2009). He also has rich experience in working with artists including Blush, Aaron Kwok, CoCo Li, Adam Cheng, Joey Yung, HOCC, Sherman Chung and Venus Cheung.
winnie man
Snow has a strong passion for dance, she performs in countless shows including "太極紅館演唱會" "李克勤巡迴演唱會 "羽翹音樂會 " and Kelly Chan MV" Snow's unique style and fresh moves makes her stand out as one of Hong Kong's top performers. Demo video
winnie man
Ichinose Kento 市之瀨研人 Kento is Japanese. He started teaching dancing since 2008 and has since performed in endless shows including Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2015, ATV 55th Aniversary, various Concerts and MVs. The most recent music video Kento has performed in are 沈震軒 - 單打獨鬥 and 沈震軒 - 親愛的. His favorite styles are Hip Hop, Break Dance and Street Jazz.
winnie man
2015至2016年間, 分 別在了在排舞比賽及自由街舞比賽中取得佳績,包括香港大型排舞比賽Dance Power爵士舞組亞軍,街舞樂翻天4ON4 Battle 冠軍,大專界Battle ( JBS ) 大 學代表隊及公開組Best4 。
winnie man
Phoebe, graduated in our school training program with scholarship, with her cheerful, charming and influential smile, is a girl who has lots of performing experiences such as 博愛2013,花車2013, 華姐2013, and 情逆三世緣。 Based on her 8 grade Chinese Classic Dance skill, more than 4 years training in Jazz Funk and Hip Hop, she can easily get along with her students, motivate their passion and enjoyment in her dance classes
Micky and Kabee The Twins
winnie man
Mickey and Kabee are good at KPOP and Jazz Funk styles. They performed in variety of shows including TWINS LOL concert, Avon Lee Magic Shows and TVB
She is founder of a K-pop group SNDHK in Hong Kong. Experienced in K-pop dance. Under her leading and dance experience, her crew participated in different global K-pop competitions and was the Hong Kong station winner of 2015 K-pop festival, 2015 K-pop World festival and 2016 K-pop World Festival.
winnie man
She is an active, young generation dancer but have joined countless performance including concerts: Twins 世界巡迴演唱會 霹克好德兄弟演唱會, 萬人演唱會 (澳門站), 國泰航空新春國際匯演之夜, 澳門花車巡遊-福星澳遊耀新歲, Les Twins (法國) Hong Kong Flesh Mob 海洋公園十月全城哈囉喂Halloween and Music videos: 薛凱琪- Miss Fiona MV; As One – Be With U MV & 香港青年音樂節 周柏豪《自由意志》 Her skill is proved in the competition she attened. She won in Red for U Street Dance Competition and 1st Runner-up in Hip-Hop Arena in 2014
winnie man
Kaka's favourite dance styles include Girls’Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Twerking, she started training at TVB since 2005, teaching since 2007 at different community centres, schools and dance studios. Her Experiences include 2015-5Monster Energy Drinks Dance Show @Macao 2013﹣2014上海交流 2012/10 Big Ali Repper Come to HK Pole Dancer @Magnum club 2012/9 DJ Flower Come to HK Pole Dancer @Magnum club 2012/8Jagcrmrifter Dancer & Model @Why Club 2012/8 Johnnie Walker Golden Soiree Dancer & model @ Beijing club 2012/8十月全城哈佬喂之嘩鬼大潮拜之潮聖哈佬喂Dancer (with黃偉文) 2012/8 Asia Adult EXPO (MaCao) Pole Dancer 2012/8 Lil Jon Big party Pole dancer @Hongkong Magnum club 2012/7KanMokMusicholic Concert 莫鎮賢我唱我歌演唱會2012(Damce Director &Dancer) 2012/5Jump Smokers is back Dancer @Magnum club 2012/1佛山C+Club Dancer (with 陳芯芯&DJ Soda) 2012/1 Magnum grand Opening dancing and endless performances
winnie man
Shan is an experienced dancer and starts her dance career since 2009. She has developed her unique style in Jazz Funk, sexy dance and KPOP while she performs with several artist including 謝天華, 王傑, 羽翹, Jacky Chan, Cherry Fung. She believes being humble can make her and her students to have great improvement in dancing. Demo video
TED 擅長舞種為Hip hop、Urban style 香港青年協會Project Dance Studio「舞導館」第三屆青年導師培訓課程之畢業生 Urban Dance video
Bozai Ng is an experienced dancer, who has been dancing for more than 14 years. She is now a full time choreographer and performer in Hong Kong. Bozai teaches KPOP, Funky Dance, Sexy Dance, Jazz Funk and Girls' Hip Hop, and is confident to teach students of different ages. Demo video
Ming Lok
Ming Lok 小學教育榮譽學士,主修常識,副修體育, 香港教育大學 (2016). 擅長舞種為 Hip Hop and Urban . 演出及工作經驗: Dance Studio Tutors and dancers (2015-17) 國際聽障人士合作演出-舞出夢想(2016) 電影拍攝(2016) HKTVB freelance dancer (保良賀新春) (2016) 迪士尼十週年MV (2015) 與BBC合作之旺角街頭快閃(2015) 新春年初一花車巡迴演出2015,2016 各大商場演出如世貿、新都會 2013-2016 Joint-U 十大巡迴演出2012,2013,2015 Joint-U 週年匯演2013,2014,2015 世貿倒數嘉年華2013-2015 Urban Dance video
Pak Yiu
BBoy Pak Yiu 曾參與過的演出:香港電台天高地厚第9集 無線電視東張西望 ; 跳舞比賽獎項: 冠軍: Hong Kong Viva Battle Vol.1 2013, Friday Night Battle Vol.1 2012; 亞軍: Red Hot - The Prince 2012 4ON4, 第四屆舞之原素街舞比賽 2012, 香港街舞BATTLE KING 2大賽 2012, Sparkles 2012, 荃灣區禁毒舞蹈大比拼2013, The top wanted 2013 2on2; Break yourself vol.3 2013 季軍; 曾舉辦跳舞比賽: 循道衛理亞斯理社會服務處主辦 AreaRocker Present Rockin852 Vol.1; 2011 協青社-嘻哈學校 嘻哈舞蹈教學助理 Break Dance video
Kammy Tang
畢業於香港專業教育學院(屯門分校)法律及行政事務學高級文憑課程。期間在學校的舞蹈學會中擔任會長一職,積極參與和舉辦各活動,如大專巡迴舞蹈表演。 畢業後,更以優良成績在澳洲聯邦舞蹈教師協會(香港區)中考取爵士舞四級; 於「藝‧行亞洲」全港青少年K-POP舞蹈比賽勇奪冠軍及最佳造型; 於第二屆「舞動車廂」全港青少年街頭舞蹈比賽贏得冠軍。
擅長舞種:Girls Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Urban Dance, K-pop。 香港青年協會Project Dance Studio「舞導館」第一屆青年導師培訓課程之畢業生。 曾為多間社企及中小學學生編舞,如保良局、香港青年協會、救世軍等。 曾參與多個比賽:2016 Rookie Star Dance Competition Open Level 冠軍 , 2015 Hong Kong Best Dance Crew入圍決賽 2014 2015 香港起舞-全港中學生舞蹈賽 亞軍 ,2014及2015 九龍城街舞大賽 冠軍等。除比賽外另有多次演出經驗 :AIA宴會表演、匯豐社區節表演、各大商場表演、新春花車巡遊 、Joint-u Annual Performance Guest (SYU)、Joint IVE Danso Mass Dance Guest (KT)等。
Fish is a versatile dancer in Popping, Locking and Hip Hop. He is most well-known for his performance in ATV Asian Million Stars (2011) and his remarkable freestyle moves. Fish is also active in the Hong Kong battle scene and is a finalist in a lot of dance battles. Demo video
FJDC Training Team Leader, being cheerful, helpful and co-opreative with other teammates, Karen has been teaching in FJDC as our experienced trainees, performing in countless shows with FJDC team.
Khani is an English Teacher, Model and Dancer. He is one of the scholarship winner in FJDC training program. He has beening performing with our team and featuring in some of our KPOP covers videos.
Po Ling
Being one of the well-trained dancer in FJDC, Po Ling is experienced in teaching beginners. Students are influenced by her passion in teaching.
Kim Ran
Kim Ran is our Guest teacher from Korea.
Rookie and Lindsay, Wawa Dance Academy
Rookie and Lindsay are the founder of WAWA Dance Academy in Seoul, Korea. They are our guest instructor teaching KPOP at our dance school.
Melanie Louise
Mel is our guest teacher from Australia.
Minh is our Guest teacher from Australia.
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