Winnie Man
winnie man
Winnie Man is well-loved for her charming styles in Jazz Funk and Hip Hop. She is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong who has overseas performing, choreographing and teaching experience. She was a teacher in Jazz and Hip Hop in Caramell Dance Studio and Dance Central, Sydney. There, Winnie Man also choreographed and performed with The University of Sydney, Caramell Dance teachers and her crew Friends Junction in big events, such as Industry 2009 and Just Dance 2009. During her intensive dance training in Sydney, Winnie had the privilege to interact and even perform with some of the finalists in Australia SYTYCD. In Hong Kong, Winnie Man is the chief director, choreographer and performer in Friends Junction Dance Company; has rich experience performing in TVB, MVs and countless shows, and even with big brands NIKE, CASIO, One2Free and artists BLUSH.
Kenny Ng
winnie man
Kenny is one of the few dancers in Hong Kong who has overseas performing, choreographing and teaching experience. Kenny's footsteps have spread around the world - Los Angeles, Sydney, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan. In Sydney, he was a regular Hip Hop teacher in Caramell Dance Studio and Dance Central. Kenny interacted with top dancers from all over the world, performed in big events, such as Urban Music Awards 2007, 360 Freestyle Battle, Industry 2009 and Just Dance 2009 in Sydney, Australia. In Hong Kong, Kenny has rich experience in choreographing and performing in countless shows, including Orbis-Bank of America Merrill Lynch- Walk for Sight (2011), Asia Game Show (2010), Hong Kong Dance Festival (2010), Solar Project, Macau (2010), Unity in Diversity (2010) and Urban Dance Festival (2009). He also has rich experience in TV commercials and for singers including Aaron Kwok, CoCo Li, Adam Cheng, Joey Yung, HOCC and Sherman Chung. Recently, Kenny has choreographed for a female singer group, BLUSH.
winnie man
Snow has a strong passion for dance, she performs in countless shows including "太極紅館演唱會" "李克勤巡迴演唱會 "羽翹音樂會 " and Kelly Chan MV" Snow's unique style and fresh moves makes her stand out as one of Hong Kong's top performers.
Bo (Soul Scream Crew)
winnie man
Bo has been an active dancer and performer in the University of Hong Kong. She is one of the founders of Soul Scream Crew (since 2007) She has rich performing and teaching experiences, highlighted the "C ALL Live" Concert in 2012. Bo is particularly well-loved by her teaching of Girls’ Hip Hop and Jazz Funk.
winnie man
Fish is a versatile dancer in Popping, Locking and Hip Hop and represents the new generation of freestylists. He is experienced in performing for various shopping malls and TV programmes and teaching at different community centres. Fish is well-known for his remarkable freestyle moves and is a finalist in a lot of dance battles.
winnie man
Phoebe, with her cheerful, charming and influential smile, is a girl who has lots of performing experiences such as 博愛2013,花車2013, 華姐2013, and 情逆三世緣。 Based on her 8 grade Chinese Classic Dance skill and 3 years training in Jazz Funk and Hip Hop, , she can easily get along with her students, motivate their passion and enjoyment in her dance classes.
winnie man
Coffee has been dancing and teaching for 5 years, she specialised in Jazz Funk, Jazz, Girls' Hip Hop and Hip Hop. She has been performing a lot and recently has choreographed and participated in "荃灣一田" fashion show,香港青少年服務處之"少茫書"話劇舞蹈編排,Groupon Hong Kong Flash Mob. In addition, she is qualified in the International Dance Teachers' Association (IDTA) Latin dance beg and A.T.O.D jazz level 10 and is a leading teacher in Funky Dance company.
winnie man
Miko Specializing in JAZZFUNK,POPJAZZ,has been meeting different dance master from Taiwan,Singapore famous dance academy . Miko is an experienced instructor at several youth organazation and secondary schools,mainly coaching for their dance society and counseling teenagers,Also she is one of the performer and actress in Hong Kong Ocean Park Ltd . Whats more,Miko has been participated in numerous performances in HONGKONG such as 亞洲超級星光大道,NP360 Christmas Opening,Oceanpark Helloween Bash,ICC100 Charity Run,Pacific Cathy Parade Show etc from the past to present. Both as Performer and Intrustor,Miko not only share her knowledge and expertise with you,but her positive teaching attitude in dacing,which believing 'Passion Make Talents'.
Bboy Yung
winnie man
Bboy Yung represents the new generation of break dancers. After founding his break dance crew Clockwise in spring 2009, Yung has quickly led his crew to the road of fame and success in battles and competitions – in 2010 alone, Clockwise has been the champion of LEGEND IN DANCING, VB x PSC 2nd Anniversary Raise Me Up 2-on-2 Breaking Battle and Tsuen Wan 舞鬥5-on-5; and the 2nd Runners-up in Red Hot The Prince. Apart from battling, Bboy Yung has brought his break dance skills into various dance performances. Recently he has choreographed for and performed in 和諧之歌 走進香港 (his crew being awarded The Best Performance), a series of World Cup cheering shows in shopping malls, and the closing of Solar Project in Macau. With his infinite energy and charisma, bboy Yung is a new star in the break dance scene.
winnie man
Myron is one of the best choreographers in New Zealand, 8 years ago, he was just a street dancer major in hiphop and popping but one day a korean MTV directer drove pass snd saw his moves then he was invited to become a mtv choreographer, from that time he started to build his own dance crew and participated in events such as Miss Chinese. International pageant, WTV, Mtvs, Concerts, showcase in Clubs, City Councils, Festivals and he also participated in lots of street jaming and battles. Students are strongly recommended who would like to learn how to battle, how to become more musical and skillful in dance.
winnie man
Kylie has been teaching for 3 years in jazz funk and girls hip hop. She has been a dancer for a lot of show. She believes dancing can bring students confidence and inspiration.
kate ...
Having been dancing for more than 5 years, Jolly is one of the new generation Jazz and Hip Hop dancers and has bought his skills into various performance , teaching and competitions. He has rich experience in performing in shopping malls, youth centers and theatres. He is also an active dancer and performer in the university. On the other hand, he believes dancing inspires the others. Because of his passion, his unique style and moves motivate and influence his students, the next generation dancers.
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